About CNG Magazine

CNG Magazine

The First Professional Magazine on CNG in Iran

The CNG Magazine is a trade magazine focused on efficient and responsible Iranian CNG market Written by and for professionals from all farmed CNG industry. This comes after a long process of scientific and business experience of our team. Iranian CNG magazine was registered in Feb. 2015. The editorial and publishing, marketing teams are already working hard to be able to grow it.


CNG and NGV has spread rapidly in recent decade in many countries around the world. In Iran also this new technology was endorsed with a great excitement and enthusiasm in a short period of time in recent years. According to the latest figures from the BP Statistical Review of World Energy (June 2015) , Iran, with the world’s first natural gas reserves and world leader in natural gas vehicles with some more than 4 million on the road. Iran’s automotive industry is the second most active industry of the country, after its oil and gas industry, accounting for 10% of Iran’s GDP and 4% of the workforce.

Why we need this magazine?

We sensed the need for a professional and interdisciplinary magazine to bring the advancements in the technology and all related fields to interested public, professionals, CNG manufacturers and technical trading community in a timely and reliable manner. Iran CNG magazine delivers this knowledge and information to their desktops. The published magazine has even more structural place in the community of manufacturers and makers since the low speed of internet currently deter many users from obtaining information and updates from internet.

We have contacted focused groups and communities interested in CNG technology and received a warm endorsement and encouragement. We know also based on our experience with other professional journals that this magazine could provide a hub for all companies, communities and individuals interested or active in CNG industry to get connected and exchange ideas. The magazine is also planning to organize local & international events to introduce CNG technology to new users or to provide more depth knowledge in specific fields such as dentistry and medical.


Iran CNG Magazine covers the scientific, professional or market insights that might be of interest to the readers. The scope of magazine covers the following fields although might not limited to them as we receive feedbacks from public.

To introduce worldwide players of CNG and all related field to the market.

To promote the knowledge and update information in CNG field

To provide a media for all users and professionals and companies to present and exchange their ideas and experience

To promote CNG market and provide support for fair competition

To organize seminar, exhibition, or networking events for interested groups

To promote innovation, out of box thinking, new designs, and new thoughts on improving all aspects of CNG

Who are the recipients?

Customers of all related CNG products or services and products and services.

Investors who are looking into new opportunities with promising return. Supply chain and retailers in CNG market are other group interested in this magazine. Companies that provide services and institutions or companies provide training and educational products, software developers and companies providing maintenance and after sale supports are interested to receive this magazine.

Professional communities either in oil, gas and automotive industry, R&D centers, universities and universities are the other group interested in receiving timely and professional reports and articles in CNG magazine.

Distribution format

The magazine will be distributed free to the focused groups and influential professional. Magazine will have introduction booth in related events and exhibitions to inform the public and raise interest. Also it will be distributed in selected newspaper stands in Tehran and large cities around the country. It has a living informative website that covers the introduction to CNG, the latest news, main titles of interest and portals for communications.

Publishing times

Iran CNG magazine is published every 2 months starting from August 2015, totally 6 issues in first volume and first year. For special events, magazine might consider to publish a special issue. Having a live website for magazine that is complementary to the published one, helps to reach most of the potential

Who we are 

License holder and managing director: Shahram Ettefagh – Technology & Knowhow transfer Engineer

Editor in Chief: Vahid Taymouri – Electronic Engineer

Executive Director : Saedeh Mahmoudi – Public Relations Expert

Secretary of the Academic Council  : Hadi Hashemi – Mechanical Engineer

The Scientific & Editorial Board of the magazine :

Dr. Shiva Eslami – Senior materials Engineer

Dr. Mojtaba Hosseini – Senior computer Engineer

Dr. Ali Jodid – Senior mechatronic Engineer

Reza Haj Hoseini – Public Relations Consultant

Fariba Zanganeh – Public Relations Consultant

Mohamad Ali Dashti – CNG Workshops Consultant

Zahra S. Hosseini – Mechanical Engineer

Amir Farahani – Industrial Engineer

Kamran Vafaee –  Mechanical Engineer

Vahid Vaghfi Mohebbi – Designer

Faezeh Hosseini – Designer

About photo : Holy Savior Cathedral, also known as Vank Cathedral and The Church of the Saintly Sisters, is a cathedral in Isfahan, Iran. Vank means “monastery” or “convent” in the Armenian language.